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So... What's all the fuss about goat milk soap??

The most commonly asked question that we get is... "So... What's all the fuss about goat milk soap?" I love answering that question, when I get the chance to! I'm going to TRY to keep this brief and to the point. It is a very big subject...

While trying to do my homework so I'd get all the words correct, (you know me... lol.. words are just hard some days...)., I found some really great supporting articles that exist now that didn't exist when I started this venture over 6 years ago! It is so wonderful to see! Feel free to use Mr. Google and see what you find for yourself. ( Also FYI...I have to phrase this blog in a non-medical-advise fashion, because of FDA regulations. Also, as with most natural products, there isn't a lot of lab research out there and you probably can come to the same conclusion that I can about that. But, we'll just go by the words of all the satisfied customers' feedback as the proof in the pudding.)

I'll start with saying that not all goat milk is the same (different goat breed's milk can differ in fat content and not all goats are raised and fed the same way which results in a different nutrition profile of the milk, also) Not all goat milk products are made the same way either. Make sure to talk to the maker and test any products out before you buy a years worth from someone, of course. (These difference variations are one of the reasons that research is not prevalent.) Here on our farm, we use 100% raw goat milk for the water portion of our soaps and close to 50% goat milk in our lotions. We try to get the maximum usage rates into our products. It really makes a difference! (Feel free to ask us how we raise our goats when you visit. We'll save that for a different blog post on here.)

Goat milk is known for it's skin moisturizing and nourishing properties as well as it's gentleness that both come from: 1. The milk fats, especially caprylic acid, 2.The natural alpha-hydroxy acids, especially lactic acid, 3. Vitamin A and selenium among other nutrients making it a great option for irritated and itchy skin conditions!

  1. Caprylic acid. According to the FDA, most commercially made skin cleansers that you can pick up in stores, including shower gels, are categorized as by the FDA as detergents because they are made using surfactants that can strip your skin of its natural moisture and oils, therefore leaving it dry and feeling tight and possibly itchy. (*1). Our goat milk soap is a real soap and the natural and gentle fats, including caprylic acid, that are in it, gently cleanses your skin without stripping away your skins natural fatty acids. Therefore leaving it protected and soft.

  2. Lactic acid (known as one of the most gentle alpha-hydroxy acids) in our raw goat milk, naturally exfoliates your skin by gently 'un-gluing' your dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. This gentle exfoliation, as you can imagine, has many benefits, including making your skin look more even and less wrinkled. Because of its gentleness, the lactic acid in raw goat milk is said to make goat milk soap suitable for most sensitive and irritated skins.

  3. Vitamin A and selenium, among other nutrients. Vitamin A is shown to have anti-aging properties and selenium is a mineral shown to support a healthy skin membrane. It may improve psoriasis symptoms like dry skin. (This is that non-medical advice part) We have several costumers with sensitive skin and skin conditions that love to use our soaps and lotions and say that it improves their skin tremendously!)

*(Make sure to always try the soap you choose in a small area of your skin to see how your skin will behave with a product's use. And, as always, this is not meant for medical advice. Try it for yourself, do your own research, and possibly talk with your Dr. if you have skin issues)

There you go! I hope that was clear. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! Lately Facebook hasn't been notifying me of messages, so please use email or message me from our website. Till next time... Stay safe and wash your hands with great soap!!!

<3 Annissa


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