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Keep Calm & Wash Your Hands!

How are you doing? What an unsettling life we have all been living as of late... Who would have ever thought that a tiny virus could bring the world to a screeching halt? I believe that we should always seek to find the answers to the 'unknown' that causes so much fear. Just a few weeks ago, I received an urgent message from Patricia, one of our sweet customers. She had been visiting her daughter, a nurse in California, when all of the craziness surrounding the new coronavirus started happening. In a desperate search for hand sanitizer, she had contacted me to see if we made any on our farm. (We do not do this for many reasons, but that chat is for another time.) So, I quickly pulled up the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention's website and started looking into what I had been curious about myself, the use of soap vs. hand sanitizer against bacteria and viruses. (Please note that health care facilities have different guidelines set by the CDC).

It was very reassuring to find that even the CDC advocates for thorough hand washing, for 20 seconds with soap over the use of hand sanitizer for cleaning away and 'killing germs', including bacteria, viruses, and spores. It is proven that using soap, even with cold water rinsing, destroys this nasty virus (Covid-19) and washes it down the drain. (Please make sure to do your own research too.) Patricia was very thankful to hear that she would be safe and have healthier skin by just washing her hands thoroughly with the bar soap from Bramble Wood Acres that she already had available to her. (Please note that Patricia had also contacted her Dr. back home in Iowa, who had reassured her of the same as well.)

Our friend, Patricia, really wants to make sure that more people find this out and stay safe and healthy! Please, be sure to pass this along to your friends and family in an effort to help everyone be more informed and keep their skin healthy. Here at Bramble Wood Acres, we are keeping Patricia's daughter as well as others in our prayers as they work as nurses and other health care personnel and take care of patients through this crazy time.

Thank you so much for your support of our farm also! The orders and notes of encouragement have been priceless! We love you all and hope to be able to see you all again really soon!


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