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This 4.75 ounce puppy paw of soap is tried and given a gold star by our own, very hairy doggy family members :) A golden retriever and 4 shelties. Other people say that the ingredients in our soap do deter fleas and ticks. But as always, we recommend that you do your research into the ingredients to make sure that it is what you want to use. All of the ingredients are DOG safe. I can say that ;) But please, use our Pure Goat Milk Soap if you want to give your kitty a bath. Cats are very sensitive to essential oils. 


We love the way our dogs coats turn out after their baths with our Pup Spa Soap! Also, the bar lasts a long while (allowing to dry in between washings, of course) Our customers talk about how nice it is to use a bar of soap, as opposed to liquid soaps for their furry kids. I'm sure if you have a very fluffy, or big pooch, you know what they are talking about! It is easy to use too much liquid soap trying to bathe a hairy pup while you are trying to spread the soap evenly... My daughter would usually use most of a bottle on one bath for Copper.  The size and shape of our bar of Pup Spa GM Soap allows it to be easily handled by us. You can also, easily cut the soap in half if you prefer, for tiny doggies :) 


Ingredients: Raw goat milk; saponified olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, neem oil; essential oil blend that is approved for dogs.

Pup Spa Goat Milk Soap