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These durable and long lasting wash clothes come in a variety of colors and color patterns, and are crocheted using 100% cotton yarn from the USA. The stich tightness varies a bit as there are two of us that enjoy crocheting in our free time. But the wash clothes usually measure 8-7 inches square. We prefer the crocheted clothes as they hold their shape better than knit clothes do after washing, in our humble opinion. Plus, we love to crochet! 


Please add the color you would want in the comment section of your order. We will try to match what you want with the yarns that we have available, which is a really big variety!


The brightly colored reds may bleed a bit of color out upon their first use, so we would recommend giving them a really good rinsing out before using.

Wash and dry as normal cotton fabrics call for.

Crocheted Wash Clothes