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Crocheted, by the ever talented, Autumn, these scrubbies are gentle enough to exfoliate your skin and yet tough enough to get a work out in the kitchen! I have two that have been through 5 years of rigorous dish duty in the farm kitchen. In our house hold, we use our scrubbies for anything that needs a scrub... feet, elbows, drinking glasses, veges from the garden, and pots and pans. Of course, there are times you will need the old stainless steal scrubber, but these scrubbies have taken a licking on our farm and they are still going! Just toss them in the wash when they are dirty and the come out of the dryer as good as new! 


We have them available in the colors that you see in the picture... red, blue, purple, green, hot pink, yellow, and black. Please make a note to what color you would like in the comment section after ordering and we will get those right to you.


Measurements: approximately 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches (hand crocheted items can vary slightly in size from one item to the next)

Crocheted Scrubby