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"Wow! This soap smells so good! You should make more products with that scent. I love it!" Is what our friend April said when she first smelled this soap. This one is fast becoming a favorite of our awesome customers and friends. Bekka, our daughter, is a big fan of mocha lattes. She and a family friend, Rebecca have been requesting this scent for a while. It smells like the best dark chocolate at first with a lighter note of coffee and then when you suds it up, mmm... the coffee comes through! 


Available in 'Scrubby' and 'Non-scrubby' bars for extra exfoliation if you wish... Please note which you prefer in the comment scetion of your order. Thank you!


 Ingredients: Raw goat milk; Saponified olive oil, coconut oil, sustainably harvested palm oil, shea butter, castor oil; Fragrance; responsibly sourced dye free mica (topped with poppy seeds and fresh ground coffee from our local coffee roasting business) *Scrubby bars contain ground coffee and poppy seeds for exfoliation. ** Please specify 'scrubby' or 'non-scrubby' in the comment section of your order. 


Bars of soap weight may vary from 4.5-6 oz. due to the facet that we handcut each bar. Our goal is to cut 4.5 - 5 oz. bars.

Mocha Latte Goat Milk Soap