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Do you love our buttery bathbombs, but don't like to use it all at once? This is our new 8 ounce product that Bekka thought up.

I'm not a bathbomb gal, myself, but I love a good healthy soak in the tub, now and again. She came up with this just for people like me. Put as much in as you would like. Enjoy the buttery softness of the wonderful butters that are in her Buttery Bathbombs with our goat milk soap blended in. Your skin will love you for the extra pampering!

There are 7 types to choose from right now. We have: Lavender, made with lavender essential oil. Pure Oatmeal, made without a fragrance and with ground oatmeal. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey, also with oatmeal, but with our popular oatmeal, milk, and honey fragrance oil. Lastly, Black Raspberry (yes, very fruity), Mocha (mocha latte scented), Pineapple (just like our pineapple cilantro soap), and Best Day Ever (beautiful, green, fresh, with a bit of floral and fruit) are fragranced with those beautiful scents. Pick which one you want to try and enjoy a long luxurious soak. Colors may vary, according to product. Oatmeal Soak and Pure Oatmeal Soak do not have any color added.


Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, organic cocoa butter, coconut oil, if fragranced, we use either lavender essential oil, or our pthalate and paraben free fragrance oils. Colors, if any, are skin safe and bath friendly.





Bath Soak

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